Why take your Health & Safety online? 

Many changes were brought in under the new Workplace Health & Safety Legislation (HSAW Act 2015) and there is three key points that highlight the need and advantages of taking your companies health & safety online.

Everyone in a business from the owner and directors through to the (workers) needs to be engaged and participating in the company’s health & safety. 

Senior leaders (officers) have an important role in leading the health and safety throughout a business and need to be driving the companies H&S culture.

Businesses (PCBU) must have the appropriate tools & resources to effectively manage the risks and hazards associated with doing works.


Complying with these three key areas using a paper based H&S system can be extremly time consuming! More importantly it is almost impossible to prove compliance in the case of an audit or investigation. 


Features of the My H&S system

My Health and Safety offers tools and templates that enable you to build and manage your own comprehensive Health & Safety System cost effectively, easily and importantly, engaging your people along the way.

Officers can log in to the system to support meeting their due diligence obligations, and managers have instant notification of new risks, hazards and incidents in the business, as well as constantly updated data and stats for your site/s.

Importantly, you can quickly and easily complete Job Safety Analysis, SSSP and set up new worksites by importing information from your existing Hazard Register - no more duplication of work!



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