What kiwi businesses are saying about My H&S 


Jon Whitlow: Director, 11-25 employees, Electrical & Automation industry 

" Elliot came in and got to know what my business was about and the specific challanges we face, he then talked to me in lamen terms about the HSWA act and how shifting our H&S to an online cloud based system could really save a lot of time for us. Having the ability to quickly create worksites from pre-built templates has saved me hours and the online toolbox meeting & near miss reporting has been especially useful for us as we're on high profile sites where the H&S is very strict."


Daniel Hall: Owner, 0-4 employees, Hair & Beauty industry 

" The my Health & Safety's system is perfect for my business, with the pre-built in templates and documents I don't have to worry I'm not complying with the new laws anymore and for just $50 a month it's a real weight off my shoulders."


Gary Morrison: CEO, 500 + members, Professional Association 

"Our members are seeing immense value in pairing with My Health & Safety to take care of their new  responbilites. It's an area that can be a real time sink for small-medium size businesses and by using the My Health & Safety system our members are saving time as well as gaining peace of mind that they are covered under the new laws. The team at My H&S are excellent at what they do and their online system is a powerful and extremely useful tool for any type of business."

Thomas Williams: Owner/Operator, 5-10 employees, Hospitality industry 

"I knew I had to put something in place after the new H&S law came in, but I really had no idea what I needed to do to become complaint with the new rules. Elliot from My H&S made it really simple and quick for me to do all the things I need to without having to spend hours on paperwork or spend thousands on folders full of stuff I'd never use. I like the fact that It emails any hazards and meetings straight to the body corp, it makes my life so much easier!"


Hamish Caine: CEO, 5-10 employees, Sports & Recreation industry 

"Managing a venue used by the public means it is crucial to have our health & safety up to date and on point. I was aware there had been a shakeup in the health & safety industry and wanted to ensure our organisation and myself were performing our due diligence correctly. Having a tool that all my staff can use out on the courts, training areas and offices means we are able to capture more data and in turn help prevent future accidents from happening. "


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